The Bund(Wai Tan) in Shanghai

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The Bund

The bund

The Bund is located on the banks of the Huangpu River in the Huangpu District of Shanghai, it is one of the most symbolic scenic spots in Shanghai.

It’s 1.5 kilometres long. You can walk from south to north, and on your left is the vast Zhongshandong Road, lined with dozens of foreign buildings of different styles.

It is close to the mother river of Shanghai—Huangpu River, with huge ships passing along the river. On the other side of the river, there are skyscrapers such as the Jinmao Tower and the World Financial Center.

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The Bund

At night, the neon lights on both sides of the Pujiang River are in full bloom. It is suitable for strolling on the Bund with your lover and feeling the charm and romance of “the City that never sleeps”.

The bund and Lujiazui

The Bund is known as an exhibition of the architecture of all the nations and is an important historical site and representative building of modern China. Across the river from the Bund, Lujiazui in Pudong contains Shanghai’s landmark buildings, such as the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower, Shanghai Tower, and Shanghai World Financial Center. It has also become a symbol of China’s reform and opening up and Shanghai’s modernization.

The Bund History

The Bund area was divided into the British Concession in 1844, which was the starting point of the old Shanghai Concession and the modern city of Shanghai. And it ended the 100-year concession in August 1943. So it can also be said that the buildings in the Bund, rich in historical traces and charm, together with lujiazui, the world financial centre on the other side of the river, has witnessed the rapid development of Shanghai in the past century.

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Top 10 must-see attractions in Shanghai

night view of Shanghai

Best Top 10 must-see attractions in Shanghaithe ‘Magic city’:

  1. The Bund or Waitan

    The Bund is the starting point of modern Shanghai and also contains the essence of the whole city. Since Shanghai opened its commercial port in 1843, it has become the most prosperous area in the whole city, and it still is today. Along the Huangpu River, the century-old international architecture on one side of the Bund and the new metropolis of Lujiazui on the other side of the bund give each other a new look, presenting Shanghai’s past and prosperity in a twinkling of an eye.

The Bund

Detailed tour guides of The Bund:

  1. Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

    Close to the Bund, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street is the busiest and most frequented old commercial street in Shanghai. The pedestrian street starts from People’s Square in the west and ends at the Bund in the east. With a distance of 1.2 kilometers, it is a collection of century-old restaurants, shops and modern fashion brands in Shanghai. Even as an “old” and “frequented” shopping mall, Nanjing Road is still worth a visit by shopping lovers.

    Nanjing Road is the world’s longest shopping district, around 5.5 km long, and attracts over 1 million visitors daily.
Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

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  1. Shanghai Disneyland

    Shanghai Disneyland, the first of its kind on the Chinese mainland, has created a wave of amusement parks in the country. This dreamland not only retains the classic fairytale style, but also incorporates more Chinese elements, such as the Chinese princess Mulan’s float, the Zodiac commemorative wall and the garden-style Manyuxuan restaurant. Most of the projects in the park are tailor-made, with Shanghai Disneyland being the only one.

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Mirror of the Sky – Chaka Salt Lake

Best Tour advices for ‘Mirror of the Sky’ – Chaka Salt Lake:

Name: Chaka Salt Lake
Chinese name: 茶卡盐湖
Location: South of Wulanchaka Town, Haixi, Qinghai Province
Climate type: plateau continental climate
Lake area: 105 km2
Lake altitude: 3100 m
Best viewing time: June to August

Chaka Salt Lake, which travelers call China’s Mirror of the Sky’, was named one of the “55 places to Visit in your lifetime” by National Tourism Geographic magazine.

How could you get to Chaka Salt Lake?

There are three ways to get to Chaka Salt Lake

1. Carpool/charter:
Carpool and charter are generally a walking trip. For instance, a 2-day tour of ‘Qinghai Lake and Chaka Salt Lake’ and a cycle tour of ‘Qinghai and Gansu provinces’ will take you to Chaka Salt Lake, which are general ways to travel.

2. Train:
The special train between Xining and Chaka Salt Lake will be open in July and August, lasting about 4 hours and running back and forth every day.

From Xining to Chaka Salt Lake: The train leaves at 8:30 in the morning and arrives at Chaka Salt Lake at 12:30 at noon.

From Chaka Salt Lake to Xining: It starts from Chaka Salt Lake at 16:30pm that day and arrives in Xining at 20:30pm.

3. Bus:
There are 6 flights from Xining Passenger Transportation Center to Chaka Town every day. The ticket price is about 66 Chinese yuan and the journey time is about 6 hours. But the bus only goes to Chaka town, which is about 8 kms away from Chaka Salt Lake.

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