The Bund(Wai Tan) in Shanghai

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The Bund

The bund

The Bund is located on the banks of the Huangpu River in the Huangpu District of Shanghai, it is one of the most symbolic scenic spots in Shanghai.

It’s 1.5 kilometres long. You can walk from south to north, and on your left is the vast Zhongshandong Road, lined with dozens of foreign buildings of different styles.

It is close to the mother river of Shanghai—Huangpu River, with huge ships passing along the river. On the other side of the river, there are skyscrapers such as the Jinmao Tower and the World Financial Center.

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The Bund

At night, the neon lights on both sides of the Pujiang River are in full bloom. It is suitable for strolling on the Bund with your lover and feeling the charm and romance of “the City that never sleeps”.

The bund and Lujiazui

The Bund is known as an exhibition of the architecture of all the nations and is an important historical site and representative building of modern China. Across the river from the Bund, Lujiazui in Pudong contains Shanghai’s landmark buildings, such as the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower, Shanghai Tower, and Shanghai World Financial Center. It has also become a symbol of China’s reform and opening up and Shanghai’s modernization.

The Bund History

The Bund area was divided into the British Concession in 1844, which was the starting point of the old Shanghai Concession and the modern city of Shanghai. And it ended the 100-year concession in August 1943. So it can also be said that the buildings in the Bund, rich in historical traces and charm, together with lujiazui, the world financial centre on the other side of the river, has witnessed the rapid development of Shanghai in the past century.

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