Top 10 must-see attractions in Shanghai

  1. The Oriental Pearl Radio and TELEVISION Tower

    The Oriental Pearl Tower is the real landmark of the Bund. The tower, built in the 1990s, was crowned Asia’s tallest building at 468 metres. Although it has been overtaken by the high-rise buildings rising from the ground in Lujiazui, it is still a symbol of Shanghai’s new century, a symbol of this new era.

The Oriental Pearl Radio and TELEVISION Tower

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  1. The City God Temple or Temple of the City Gods 

    When people talk about the City God Temple, they usually refer to the area around it. This area is the famous old part of Shanghai. It is a good place to experience Chinese classical culture in modern Shanghai.

    Temples and gardens with a history of 100 years adorn the place with ancient incense and ancient colors. In front of the City God Temple, you can also taste authentic Nanxiang xiao Long and other Shanghai snacks. The Jiuqu Bridge of the City God Temple, the center of the old street, is also the best place to photograph the ancient stone bridge and traditional temple scenery.

    During the Lantern Festival, the City God Temple will be hung with lanterns and decorated with large lanterns to greet visitors from all over the world. Walk in the bustling city of the “old city”, can feel a traditional folk customs in the city.

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  1. Tianzifang

    Tianzifang red for many years, here is an old lane in the paradise of small capital. All kinds of exquisite cafes, hand companion shops and creative food restaurants hidden in the alley make an old lane full of a sense of petty bourgeoisie with a taste of memory.

    There is no main street in Tianzifang, and several alleys form the main part of Tianzifang. Each street is worth tasting, not only because it reveals the traditional living style of the old Shanghainese, but also because many exquisite cafes and popular gift shops are hidden in these streets.

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