Top 10 must-see attractions in Shanghai

  1. Xintiandi

    Just like its Chinese name, Xintiandi is a fashionable and trendy district in Shanghai. The entire area is based on the old Shanghai Shikumen architecture and incorporates Western elements, carefully building an international block full of modernity.

    There are gourmet restaurants, unique style coffee shops, boutique galleries and various high-end fashion brands. The more international environment is also popular with European and American tourists. Xintiandi is also a well-known nightlife area in Shanghai. There are many bars, even after nightfall, the lights are extremely bright.

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  1. Sinan Road

    The area around Sinan Road and Huaihai Road was originally a French area. The past frosty history has brought together many distinctive Western houses. The magnificent platanus trees cover the sky, making the scenery here different from the glitz of Shanghai, forming a quiet nostalgic road.

    In this generation of Sinan Road, there are many old houses of literati and artists, including the former residences of Sun Yat-sen and Mei Lanfang. Some small fresh cafes and antique shops are also the focus of tourists. In the afternoon of leisure, finding a secluded old street, accompanied by large platanus trees, riding a bicycle to tour the rows of exquisite bungalows, may be the most pleasant thing in Shanghai.

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  1. China Art Museum

    The China Art Museum was once the National Pavilion of China at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. After the meeting, the Shanghai Art Museum officially moved in. The magnificent art palace itself is a major attraction. The overall design elements are Chinese red and the “Crown of the East”, which is particularly magnificent.

    The inside of the Art Palace is free to enter. The art museum can not only see more than a thousand paintings by masters, but also revisit the Chinese main venue of the Shanghai World Expo. The Art Palace is closed every Monday, and tickets must be purchased to enter the special exhibition hall when encountering special painting exhibitions.

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  1. Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

    The last one of the Best Top 10 must-see attractions in Shanghai is Zhujiajiao Ancient Town which is the nearest Jiangnan Ancient Town from the CBD Shanghai. It is not as crowded as the Qibao Ancient Town in the city, nor as popular as the popular ancient towns such as Zhouzhuang. However, this is exactly what Zhujiajiao has achieved, making the scenery here more pure. The commercialization of the ancient town is within an acceptable range, and it can be reached by a 1-hour drive from Shanghai.
    The ancient town does not require tickets and is free to enter. The streets on both sides of the river are the most lively. Most of the restaurants are built by the river. You can taste local specialties such as A-po zongzi while admiring the Jiangnan Old Street by the river. The “Free life Bridge” in the ancient town is located on the wide river, and is the best place to enjoy the whole view of the ancient town.

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